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How will AI look, 20 years from now?

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Will there be any AI companies left in 20 years?

Such a prediction might have made sense when it was made in the late nineties, on the verge on the dotcom bubble, but today you might say it sounds ridiculous. Nevertheless, it could be true. Every company has a website and uses social media nowadays. In that sense, there are no real internet companies anymore. Every company is an internet company.

The internet influenced every technological discipline with news ways to exchange information. Similarly, we now see Artificial Intelligence influencing the way we make decisions. It influences the future of cars; it is able to rewrite scripts to create deepfakes where people seem to say things they have never said; and it outsmarts both researchers in coming up with unexpected solutions, as well as the brightest minds in complex games such as Go, Dota II and Starcraft II.

But that’s only today. How will Artificial Intelligence look like in 20 years? Will there be any AI companies left? How will it influence your own field of expertise?

Some believe in Artificial Super Intelligence, either extending our potential or crushing it. Others believe that is still far away. Either way, the strength of AI is growing rapidly.

The opportunities are endless. Artificial Intelligence is estimated to contribute $15tn to our economy in 2030. What is your role in this? How will you use AI to shape your field of engineering?

How will you use AI to shape your field of engineering?

A Place for Every Engineer to Learn Artificial Intelligence

We believe engineers from every discipline should have the opportunity to integrate AI into their work. However, how do you prepare yourself if AI is outside your primary field of study? How do you become aware of the opportunities? How will you bring AI into practice?

That’s where Serpentine comes in: a non-profit association and student team where everybody can discover AI. We offer a playground for engineers, academia and industry alike. Only by bridging theory and practice, we can come to intuition and insight.

AI in Our Lives

With the advent of AI-powered tools, like ChatGPT, AI grows ever closer into our everyday lives. After all, these tools offer an easy solution to menial tasks and problems that we encounter in the workplace, school, even at home. Many people already use these tools to write papers, make presentations, create code and more!

Though these are just tools for our convenience, it is paramount to have knowledge on the possibilities and dangers of a future where these tools are commonplace. After all, a tool is only useful if it is used the right way.

Our Mission

Serpentine is a place where everybody can discover AI. We offer a practical playground to AI researchers and other engineering disciplines alike; connecting engineers, academia, and industry. Our focus: